CC Fitness and Pilates

CC Fitness and Pilates


Get Fit, Stay Fit, Love Life

Let's get you moving......

Get Fit

Whether you are a complete beginner or you are returning to exercise after a period of time, Charlotte will help to develop your confidence and reintroduce you to the benefits of exercise.  Charlotte will guide you with regular support and advice to help you visualise your short and long term fitness goals.

Stay fit

For those of you already experienced in physical exercise, Charlotte can guide your workout to continue to stretch your abilities by making workouts challenging and varied to keep you motivated and hungry for more.

Love Life

Charlotte’s personal training and experience in fitness and Pilates advocates a mind and body connection.  Life is certainly more enjoyable if you have a balanced body and mind. In physical exercise and Pilates, if you can make a mind and body connection and stay focused long term it can lead to better concentration levels, help to de-stress and increase your mental well-being.

Increasing personal fitness with regular exercise can lead to better mobility, strength, balance and co-ordination making you more capable to take on life’s everyday tasks, whether it is rushing round the January sales or keeping that New Year’s resolution to get back into your favourite jeans by Easter.